Terraria MOD APK v1.4.4.9 (High Damage/God Mode)

Name Terraria Terraria is the most famous version in the Terraria series of publisher 505 Games Srl
Publisher 505 Games Srl
Genre Adventure
Size 149 MB
Latest Update April 19, 2023
MOD High Damage, God Mode
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Total installs 1,000,000
Android Android Adventure
4.4 ( 651 ratings )
Price: $0

  • After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod, which has the following options:
  • Immortality (you don’t die even if you run out of health);
  • High damage;
  • Open inventory and select an item to get its maximum stack;
  • You can share single items (like weapons and armor).

Terraria MOD APK (God Mode/Unlimited Items) contains a large world for players to search for keys and weapons to unleash mortal battles with bosses.

Many adventure games have unique features that make them entertaining and widely loved, but some go beyond expectations to become the top 1 on many people’s wishlists. One of them is Terraria, which is also the title of this article. All its greats will be listed in this article, promising to give everyone an in-depth understanding of its expansive gameplay.

Terraria 2


Terraria mod apk is a monster in the adventure genre, as its content is expansive and endless for players to enjoy even after they’ve reached the endgame level. The game comprises many different concepts, such as building, fighting, crafting, exploring, learning, researching, and social. Each has its greatness, and by directly enjoying or exploring everything, the player can find its actual value. Moreover, all of its content is seen as compensation for its 2D platform style, but there are many interesting and entertaining things for players to enjoy for a long time. On top of that, the game also features co-op gameplay, where players delight in exploring the world with friends and accomplishing countless extraordinary feats.

Terraria 3


Although the game is developed in a 2D platform style, its control mechanics and gameplay are top-notch. It introduces a dual-joysticks control style for absolute precision when interacting with the environment. Moreover, it supports more mechanics for fighting, building, mining, and more. Players also need to know how to act on different timelines, interact with NPCs and look for treasures scattered worldwide. Last but not least, the development of the world is completely random, and players will spend their time mining and exploring the endless underground. The game’s world is full of interaction, allowing players to freely collect various resources for survival, construction, and crafting purposes. Those are the impressive points in this game, and they all have a fascinating beginning to immerse the player in its world.

Terraria 5


Terraria mod apk does not have any goals for the player; everything is non-linear and unlocks new content based on player achievements. Because of that, the game has a huge system of bosses and monsters for players to fight and suffer from, each with many structures and special abilities, enough to become a great obstacle and enjoyment for the player. Furthermore, when the player defeats bosses, they always drop a variety of rewards, and they can use some of them to access areas or get new resources in the world. That system is key in this game, where the player conquers, digs, and accesses new elements that lurk in the vast expanses of the world.

Terraria 4


Besides the bosses system, the equipment system is massive and always has many surprises for players. They are even ranked into many different levels for players to collect or manufacture. Furthermore, players can only craft some equipment from certain resources, and they must continuously collect the necessary items for the crafting process. Not stopping at equipment, but players can find countless jewels scattered around the world, and they all have outstanding effects to help players progress faster in the world. Everything has many different connections as players continuously complete the targets. They will gradually open up new possibilities for players to admire this legendary game’s greatness and fantasy elements.



The entire process of the player in Terraria mod apk is divided into two phases: pre-hard mode and hard mode. They are viewed as tutorials and real gameplay respectively to open new limits and discoveries in the world. Furthermore, as the player advances into hard mode, the character system diversifies and is divided into four classes respectively, warrior, ranger, mage, and summoner. Each class has its greatness and gives players a different experience when fighting or exploring the world. Also, world events and natural disasters will continuously happen randomly to mess up the player’s night. Those factors make the game so popular and ready to bring the most impressive discoveries throughout the gameplay.



Not only is there a variety of bosses or worlds, but new biomes will constantly appear to create a diverse ecosystem of monsters or resources to expand gameplay over time. Each type of biome has its unique characteristics, and they are all distributed randomly throughout the world, whether above the surface or underground. Furthermore, the player must harness all the potential from biomes, including resources, minerals, monsters, equipment, and the environment, to fight the boss. The greatness and charm of Terraria are seen as endless, and there are always many reasons for players to enjoy the game to the fullest. Above all, everything will become more exciting when players enjoy the game with friends fighting in hundreds of different situations.

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You are Now Ready to Download Terraria For Free. Here are Some Notes:

  • Please read MOD Info carefully to avoid mods not working.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android devices, please use CPU-Z app.
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